Wednesday , 18 September 2019
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CMA CGM launches Reefer Pharma division
CMA CGM has the world's second largest reefer fleet

CMA CGM launches Reefer Pharma division

CMA CGM has launched its Reefer Pharma division which is specifically designed to cater for temperature-controlled transportation of pharmaceutical products and aims to guarantee optimal safety.

To meet health and safety requirements, CMA CGM ensures limited handling of containers during transport and utilises the newest containers which are inspected before they leave the warehouse, sealed to deny access to those without authorisation.

Preserving the integrity of shipped goods has been a priority for the CMA CGM group for over 40 years, especially sensitive products such as medicines that directly impact the public’s life.

Mathieu Friedberg, senior vice president, commercial agencies network, CMA CGM, said: “By launching the CMA CGM Reefer Pharma division, we are seeking to raise the standards of safety and care regarding the goods that our customers entrust to us.

“For us, it’s a matter of responsibility and delivering on our promise to provide optimal, adapted solutions.”

CMA CGM is the world’s second largest reefer carrier with a fleet of 385,000 teu and is experienced in the transportation of highly fragile goods and those requiring special transport conditions.

The group aims to provide its customers with unique technological innovations and solutions to their needs as part of its customer centricity strategy.

The new division is comprised of experts to help ensure 24/7 monitoring from the group’s head office in Marseilles as well as aboard its ships and from the company’s operational centres in Singapore and Miami.

CMA CGM meets the European Union’s Good Distribution Practice requirements, which regulate the monitoring and distribution chains of pharmaceutical products, as it offers transparency and real-time monitoring.

Throughout shipping, CMA CGM offers temperature control, data analysis and connected containers which helps enable monitoring of humidity levels and containers’ technical configurations.

By meeting the European regulations, CMA CGM is able to reassure its customers that its service offers high standards in terms of quality as well as health and safety at all stages of shipping.