Wednesday , 18 September 2019
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Total Soft Bank and Globe Tracker to provide real time reefer data into stowage planning

Total Soft Bank Ltd (TSB), a maritime and port logistics software solution provider, and Globe Tracker, which specialises in IoT tracking and monitoring solutions for logistics assets, plan to integrate their solutions for the maritime industry.

The aim is to provide real time reefer data visibility onboard vessels and in the cloud by integrating TSB’s solution for stowage planning Cloud CASP and Globe Tracker’s remote reefer monitoring and control.

Don Miller, V.P sales and marketing at Globe Tracker, said: “We are excited about the integration with TSB, as it will allow for all reefer data to be integrated with vessel stowage planning in a single view for our joint customers.”

Globe Tracker recently installed its IoT on reefer containers for one of the world’s largest fresh fruit growing and distribution companies, Dole Food Company.

The solution and platform is expected to help Dole achieve more consistent product quality, increased efficiencies and greater visibility across its global supply chain.

TSB’s chief operating officer, Arnold Kang, said: “TSB recognises Globe Tracker as a leader in terms of technology and innovation in the maritime container space.

“This integration has many benefits for both our products and demonstrates a solid level of interoperability between platforms that is being asked for more and more in our industry.”

The two companies will begin to trial their new solution with customers starting in the fourth quarter of 2019.