Friday , 23 August 2019
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Kalmar introduces lithium-ion powered medium forklift

Kalmar is to introduce a medium electric forklift powered by emission-free lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery technology.

It is the first forklift in the medium-capacity range to be powered by Li-ion batteries, and the battery technology will initially be available for several models with a wheelbase of 3,500 mm.

The new machine is the latest step in Kalmar’s efforts towards offering an electric version of every product in its portfolio by 2021.

Stefan Hultqvist, vice president of forklifts at Kalmar, said: “Demand for electrically powered forklifts is rising all the time, and now we can offer our customers even greater convenience and environmental performance in the medium lifting capacity range.”

Driven by the need to comply with increasingly strict environmental legislation, reduce fuel costs and simplify maintenance processes, electrically powered equipment is becoming increasingly common across many different industries.

Kalmar’s electric forklift offering is available with a choice of lead-acid or Li-ion battery technology, depending on customer requirements.

According to the manufacturer, the Li-on batteries are ideal for multi-shift operation models as they can be fast-charged during breaks in work, significantly improving the productivity of forklifts.

A full charge can be achieved in less than two hours while operation is possible 24/7, eliminating the need for battery changes and dedicated charging areas.

Since charging is emission-free, charging stations can be located strategically to maximise equipment utilisation and uptime in a variety of operational environments.