Wednesday , 18 September 2019
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London Container Terminal receives six Kalmar straddles

Six new Kalmar straddle carriers have been delivered to the London Container Terminal (LCT), according to the terminal’s operator Forth Ports.

Three are part of LCT’s equipment replacement programme, with the other 3 going into service to meet the increase in container business at the terminal.

The current fleet at the terminal is now 36 straddles. London Container Terminal handles a diverse range of conventional and reefer containers with cargos ranging from fresh fruit and vegetables to bricks and steel.

Forth Ports terminal in Grangemouth, Scotland, will also receive five new straddle carriers from Kalmar in 2020.

These new straddles are part of a programme to increase Grangemouth’s capacity for storing both conventional containers and reefers.

The new straddle carriers will replace five of the existing fleet of 16 and commence the transition to four high straddles from the current three high straddles.

The port also welcomed a new Liebherr ship to shore container crane last year which is already delivering faster turnaround times.

Grangemouth handles some of Scotland’s most valuable exports, such as fine foods and drinks, with more than £6 billion worth of goods passes through the port each year including steel plate, timber, paper and equipment for the oil and gas industry.