Wednesday , 16 October 2019
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First blockchain container shipped to Rotterdam

The first paperless, instantly financed and fully door-to-door tracked container has made its way from Korea to the warehouse of Samsung SDS in Tilburg via the Port of Rotterdam on blockchain-based platform Deliver.

The Proof of Concept (POC) has shown that Deliver is able to support cross-supply chain end-to-end visibility for multi-modal transport via ocean carrier, truck and inland barge shipping as well as streamline access to finance.

Robert van der Waal, deputy president of Samsung SDS EU/CIS, said: “The first shipments to use [Deliver] gave us a good insight into the possibilities of large-scale implementation.

“As cargo recipient, we benefitted from real time information and advance availability of digitised cargo documentation. We can re-design our processes more efficiently, enabling us to act based on real-time events and trusted data.”

The interoperability between physical and blockchain platforms enables an international trade ecosystem that is designed to allow safe sharing of commercial, sensitive and confidential information as well as transfer of ownership between supply chain participants.

Bareg Terminal Tilburg organised and executed the haulage of the sea container from the Port of Rotterdam to the warehouse at Tilburg.

Terminal manager Iwan Maessen said: “The platform enables our company to use a uniform communications strategy to receive and share accurate information among supply chain members and use this to make better demand forecast decisions and identify the most suitable transport mode for delivery.”

Partners ABN AMRO, Port of Rotterdam and Samsung SDS have signed an extended collaboration agreement for the next phase of the Deliver Project.

The aim of the next phase is to conduct pilot projects with multiple shippers from various industries operating in different trade lanes.

Ultimately, the objective is to reach an open, independent and global cargo shipping platform that will enhance supply chain transparency and efficiency and potentially unlocking millions of euros in cost savings in the long term.