Wednesday , 18 September 2019
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Florida International Terminal goes live with eModal PreGate appointment solution

Florida International Terminal (FIT), which is operated by SAAM, has deployed the eModal Community Portal (eCP) PreGate appointment module with the aim to improve turn times and customer service.

Located at Port Everglade, FIT is the first port terminal in South Florida to implement an appointment system of this kind.

As part of the first phase, all truckers picking up import containers will now be able to schedule a pick-up appointment via eModal.

This particularly benefits reefer imports as previously, upon arrival, typically had to wait for a reefer mechanic to inspect reefer temperature, mount a genset and verify fuel levels before they could depart.

The eModal system allows FIT to eliminate up to 30 minutes of driver wait time as it can ensure these services are completed prior to the trucks’ arrival window.

Klaus Stadthagen, general manager of FIT, said: “Implementing eModal enables us to delivetr even better service to our customers through reduced trucker turn times and more efficient gate operations.

“We want to continue looking for innovative solutions that add value to all the actors in the chain.”

The system also enables all FIT stakeholders to monitor container availability and hold/fee status through the eModal Community Portal and receive updates.

In the future, FIT has plans to expand the system to include pre-advice for export containers and empty returns.