Combination of Thermo King gensets and solar panels help transport reefers efficiently

Combination of Thermo King gensets and solar panels help transport reefers efficiently
Thermo King's genset solar panels

Thermo King GmbH has provided B&H Logistik a unique power solution for the transport of reefer containers, combining generator sets (gensets) and solar panels) with the aim to offer an efficient and reliable power supply.

Maintaining the cold chain is vital for the integrity and quality of refrigerated transported goods and so Thermo King’s solution offered a solution consisting of Thermo King SGCM300 gensets combined with ThermoLite solar panels.

This allows B&H to keep its genset-equipped fleet always-ready to power reefers during road trips as the solar panels collect energy to keep the battery fully charged, even in low light, eliminating the risk of battery discharge.

Additionally, it also helps contribute to reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions as it eliminates the need to use the genset engine to charger the battery.

Boris Hirschhausen, managing director at B&H Lokistik, said: “Reliability of the power supply was paramount for us to guarantee continuous cold chain while transporting our customers’ containers on the road.

“In the past we had issues with discharged batteries on the gensets that weren’t used every day… with solar panels installed, this problem is solved.”

Originally designed to work with the refrigerated units, Thermo King instead installed the solar panels on the trailer’s chassis and connected them with the genset’s battery.

Gulsah Metinoz, sales manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa at Thermo King Marine, said: “For companies like B&H Logistik that transport loaded refrigerated containers in land, it is crucial to have reliable, operation-ready gensets, to maintain the set temperature levels inside the containers.

“Even a slight increase in temperature during transport can lead to days of reduced shelf life and increased food waste for their end customers.”

The combination of genset and solar panels is able ensure power is constantly available and aims to increase B&H’S operational efficiency and reliability.