Sunday , 19 January 2020
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DCT Gdansk receives 14th Liebherr ship-to-shore crane to handle large vessels
MSC Gülsün preparing to dock in the shadow of Liebherr cranes

DCT Gdansk receives 14th Liebherr ship-to-shore crane to handle large vessels

DCT Gdansk has received its third Liebherr ship-to-shore (STS) crane capable of handling the port’s largest vessels such as the 23,000 teu MSC Gülsün which recently docked at the facility.

The new crane is identical to two previous cranes Liebherr supplied to DCT earlier in 2019, with an outreach of 72 m, a back reach of 15 m and a lift height over rail of 50 m.

Each crane is capable of handling vessels with 25 rows of containers across deck and, along with five previously installed Liebherr STS cranes, provide eight ultra-large container cranes capable of handling the larger vessels.

The MSC Gülsün is the first of 11 vessels to have 24 containers across the deck, measuring 400 m long and 61.55 m wide and was designed with a range of environmental, efficiency, stability and safety matters in mind.

Cameron Thorpe, CEO of DCT Gdansk, said: “At DCT Gdansk, we continually invest for the future, so when the future arrives – as it has with this new class of vessel – we’re ready for it.”

DCT Gdansk is Europe’s fastest-growing container port, growing 22.2% in 2018, and it has utilised Liebherr STS cranes since its inception in 2007 – the newest crane is DCT Gdansk’s 14th from STS crane from Liebherr.

David Griffin, managing director – sales at Liebherr Container Cranes Ltd, said: “Liebherr is very proud of the very strong relationship and reference that we have with DCT Gdansk and we look forward to being involved as DCT continue their growth into the future.”