Konecranes launches three new lifting products

Konecranes launches three new lifting products

Konecranes has launched three new lifting products to target existing and new industrial customers in segments including general manufacturing, automotive and various process industries.

The S-, C- and M- series represents the next generation of the manufacturer’s three existing products and have brought new technology and innovation to areas such as motor drives, rope, reeving systems and clutches and brakes.

The overall aim is to deliver safer equipment that performs better, lasts longer and delivers greater operational savings.

Konecranes president and CEO Panu Routila said: “Today’s launches reflect the strength and depth of our expanded portfolio following the MHPS acquisition, as well as our continued momentum in streamlining the number of product platforms we have, and they will bolster our market leadership in the years to come.

“I’m especially proud of the innovative S-series crane, which sets us apart from the competition and has attracted strong interest from customers across a number of industries.”

The S-crane series offers features like variable speed control for all movements and Adaptive Speed Range which adjusts the maximum lifting speed to the weight of the load for safer and more productive use.

It features a synthetic rope with a reeving arrangement that Konecranes has said reduces wheel load impact by up to 45% and also offers the company’s smart features such as Follow Me, Hook Centering and Snag Prevention to help improve operational safety.

Both the S- and M- series are equipped with sensors and the capability to collect and send data and every customer which purchases either of the two will have access to the digital yourKONECRANES portal.

The M-series crane offers Konecranes’ most compact and modular big heavy-duty winch with high-performing and reliable Core of Lifting components and modular design to be easily configured to fulfil the needs of various production processes.

While the new C-Series – Konecranes’ most advanced electrical chain hoist – boasts a redesigned motor cooling system that offers up to 50% longer runtime versus the previous generation and a brake that is built for over a million operators.