Monday , 21 October 2019
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Hinterland connection between Zeebrugge and Duisburg complete
The hinterland connection has allowed for the regular transport of goods between the facilities

Hinterland connection between Zeebrugge and Duisburg complete

A new hinterland connection between Cosco Shipping Port Zeebrugge Terminal (CSP) and the Port of Duisburg has been completed, which has allowed regular transport of goods to start between the two facilities.

Cosco Shipping Lines has expanded its activities as part of the “Belt & Road” initiative with two weekly maritime connections from China to Zeebrugge which has allowed Duipsort subsidiary Duisport agency GmbH (DPA) to use Duisburg as the central logistics hub for further transport into Europe.

The operational aspects of the connection, which was approved in June 2019, will be handled by DPA meaning that functions such as customs clearing have been transferred to Duisburg’s terminals thus significantly reducing transport time for goods.

In addition, Cosco Shipping will create the required logistics environment in the Port of Duisburg so that it can organise the further transport of the goods from “door to door” into the surrounding area on its own.

Duisport chief execurive officer Erich Staake said: “Cosco Shipping is a major multinational partner who believes in the advantages of our international network and who uses the Port of Duisburg as a gateway to all of Europe.”