Sunday , 19 January 2020
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Porto Itapoá recognised for expansion work
Cassio Schreiner (second from right), president of Porto Itapoa, collecting the award

Porto Itapoá recognised for expansion work

Porto Itapoá has received an award, recognising successful fund-raising for its expansion work, which has enabled capacity to double to 1.2m teu per year.

The port from Santa Catarina state in Brazil was honoured at LatinFinance Magazine’s annual awards, winning in the the Port Project Funding category.

Expansion work included the addition of 100,000 sq m of land, giving the terminal a total of 250,000 sq m, as well as another 170 m of pier to make it 800 m long.

Cássio Schreiner, president of Porto Itapoá, stated: “We’re very proud to receive another international award, in addition to the previous ones for social, environmental, and technological projects.

“This prestigious award in the financial sector is the culmination of an excellent job at negotiating, shaping, and executing the Company’s new capital structure that made the expansion work possible.”

Schreiner also spoke at a panel on public-private partnerships (PPP), examining what can be learned from successful Latin American projects and what regulatory and institutional measures are necessary to create an atmosphere that is conducive to these investments.

He noted that while often billed as a “miracle solution” to bridge the funding gap in the region, the implementation of PPP projects is an issue of great complexity that can endanger projects without the correct regulatory and risk-mitigation structures.