Sunday , 19 January 2020
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Kalmar introduces automated truck handling for straddle carriers

Kalmar has introduced Automated Truck Handling (ATH) to its Kalmar AutoStrad offering to allow for a fully automated container flow between quay cranes and trucks.

ATH automates the placement of containers from automated straddle carriers onto trucks in the terminal’s truck interchange zones and aims to help to improve safety, predictability and cost efficiency of terminal operations.

A Truck Lane Measurement System (TLMS) is used to measure the truck’s profile, location and the container positions available while a camera imaging system is used for fine positioning when placing the container onto the truck.

Henrik Häggblom, VP, horizontal transportation solutions, Kalmar, said: “By automating the final step of landside operations in an AutoStrad terminal, we are now able to move people away from the truck interchange areas.

“This helps terminals improve their safety and provides flexibility by enabling 24/7 operations.”

The Kalmar AutoStrad is ideal for medium-sized and large terminals where high equipment flexibility, safety and minimal labour costs are key requirements.

Its flexibility aims to make realising an automated terminal simple, low-risk and achievable within a relatively short time frame.