DFDS purchases 50 NaturaLINE reefers from Carrier Transicold

DFDS purchases 50 NaturaLINE reefers from Carrier Transicold

DFDS Logistics has purchased 50 Carrier Transicold NaturaLINE refrigerated containers, which are the industry’s only natural refrigerant-based container refrigeration system.

The NaturaLINE units use carbon dioxide, also known as R-744, a non-ozone depleting refrigerant with an ultra-low global warming potential (GWP) of 1.

Its GWP ranks lowest among all current container system refrigerants, which have GWPs ranging from hundreds to thousands of times greater.

DFDS considers deployment of the NaturaLINE unit complementary to its corporate social responsibility initiatives, which call for limiting the impact of its activities on the environment.

Jack Hodgson, fleet manager at DFDS Logistics, stated: “The NaturaLINE units help reduce our environmental impact compared to other container refrigeration systems.”

Flemming Kuhl, sales director EMEA at Carrier global container refrigeration, said: “As more shipping fleets are discovering, the NaturaLINE unit’s use of a natural refrigerant can help to guard against regulations, environmental taxes and phase outs that other refrigerants may be subject to during the operational life span of units purchased today.”

Although the NaturaLINE unit’s environmental attributes are what first captured the attention of DFDS, Hodgson said it was the unit’s solid performance demonstrated through a rigorous six-month trial that sealed the acquisition.

DFDS Logistics provides door-to-door transport solutions to manufacturers of consumer and industrial goods supported by a European network of road, rail and container carriers and DFDS Group’s extensive ferry routes.

Cold-chain services, including land and sea, make up about 25% of the business, and DFDS operates about 650 refrigerated containers.

Unlike containers used in ocean crossings, those enlisted into short-sea service are subject to far more handling, meaning durability and reliability are critically essential, according to Hodgson.

He added: “It’s a fast-paced turn-around, and the containers go through a lot in just one journey.”

The trial delivered frozen potato products from the United Kingdom to Holland, a four-day round trip that required 16 crane handlings as the container moved from the food processor via barge, boat and truck, through ports and terminals along the way to its destination, and then back.

R-744’s thermal characteristics also enable the energy-efficient NaturaLINE unit to achieve -40°C, which Hodgson said may open new opportunities for DFDS with its customers.