Monday , 18 November 2019
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Octopi unveils expanded general cargo functionality

Cloud-based terminal operating system (TOS) supplier Octopi has announced a set of new features and updates for general and mixed cargo operators.

Currently available on its TOS, some of the new features include expanded stripping and stuffing functionality, tallying capabilities, overland cargo tracking and new general cargo-focused key performance indicators (KPIs) for the Octopi Dashboard.

Built using direct input from general and mixed cargo operators, the expanded general cargo capabilities are part of a broader effort to widen Octopi’s container shipping functionality to terminals managing other types of cargo.

Martin Bardi, VP of global sales at Octopi, said: “General cargo terminals are a key component of our current and future customer base and, with their feedback in hand, we are excited to expand our functionality to better address their business needs.

“This new feature set is a welcome addition to the Octopi platform and builds upon our already-robust container shipping terminal capabilities.”

Octopi’s TOS, which will be available for demonstration at TOC Americas in Cartagena on October 29-31, is currently in use at 13 sites in seven countries.

The software provider will be presenting a webinar on November 12, 2019, exploring the challenges faced by terminals which handle general cargo as well as the practices and tools best suited to successfully meet those challenges and optimise terminal operations.

The TOS provider, which was acquired by Navis in March 2019, caters to small- and medium-sized container, general and mixed cargo terminals, aiming to replace pen and paper, Excel and older TOS systems.

It has core planning and execution capabilities including EDI exchange, gate processing, general cargo capabilities, yard management, vessel planning and critical reporting and invoicing functions.