Monday , 18 November 2019
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Global Port Equipment releases new mobile container unit
The AMC mobile unit

Global Port Equipment releases new mobile container unit

Global Port Equipment has introduced its Assembly Maintenance Control (AMC) mobile container which aims to help minimise repairs and schedule equipment maintenance more efficiently.

The unit features a computer with software that connects with customers’ equipment and offers real time information on the condition of the equipment.

It can be easily connected to an IT system with the AMC software application available on a desktop, laptop or any other mobile device.

The management reporting tool is able to be customised so that it sends issue reports as often as a customer wants and, furthermore, the container is fully equipped with customised tools and parts.

These tools and parts are selected to cover most of the assembly and maintenance needs of a customer’s fleet of equipment.

According to Global Port Equipment, tools and parts cover about 80% of preventive and corrective maintenance.

The manufacturer will give a demonstration of the unit during TOC Americas, connecting it live to various equipment.