Data services platform launched in Le Havre

Data services platform launched in Le Havre

Five public and private partners have launched an experiment for the development of a ‘Smart Data Services’ platform in Le Havre, designed to deliver services in the urban and port ecosystem by enhancing data ‘valorisation’.

The partners comprise HAROPA – Port of Le Havre, Le Havre Seine Metropole, Orange, Cisco and SOGET.

The aim of this new partnership is not only to develop and facilitate a data exchange and service delivery platform but also to set up an innovative organisation dedicated to data valorisation.

The organisers hope it will have a booster effect on the innovation ecosystem, in line with the Le Havre Smart Port City project.

Baptise Maurand, managing director of HAROPA, said: “The ability to manage data is essential to improve performance on the scale of port communities at large. For HAROPA, this partnership makes it possible to explore the potential of sharing data of all kinds.

“I have no doubt that this partnership, thanks to the cross-cutting exploitation of the data that it allows, will bring new services to benefit the customers of sea and shore interfaces alike, to citizens and to all the economic operators on the Seine Corridor.”

As part of the above project, the Smart Data Services platform begins with a 12 month experiment to define the conditions for the technical and commercial deployment of the platform.

It is hoped that the platform will help boost and reinforce the innovation ecosystem of the Seine Valley, as well as improve or create innovative services for enterprise and inhabitants alike.

The experiment will offer a range of services in areas such as data analysis, consulting, production of key performance indicators (KPIs), the creation of applications or training for business skill-building.

Examples of services include new solutions to increase the fluidity of the transport of goods passing through port areas or improving the transport intermodality of inhabitants in connection with the Mobi Smart Port project, and data expertise to optimise urban services.

Laurent Degré, country general manager of Cisco France, stated: “”For us, ensuring optimal connectivity for the digital transition of each region is a priority.

“We are delighted to facilitate the identification of use cases to improve the flow of merchandise in the port of Le Havre, thanks to the deployment of an intelligent, secure infrastructure.”