Sunday , 19 January 2020
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Guatemala accredits APMT Quetzal as an Authorised Economic Operator

APM Terminals (APMT) Quetzal has been accredited as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) by Guatemala’s Superintendence of Tax Administration (SAT), achieving a 100% compliance rating through its transparency and security.

The facility’s terminal operating system (TOS) optimises its security, control and cargo management and enables customs and customers to work together as efficiently as possible.

APMT Quetzal has been recognised for its compliance with regulations in areas such as administrative processes and document management, training, general security, risk management and its anti-bribery management system.

AEO accreditation will enable the terminal to provide more efficient solutions for its clients and help to promote transparency, competitiveness and boost trade in the country as well as in the Central American and Pacific region.

In September 2019, the terminal inaugurated the first of a number of gantry crane container-control cabins, at a cost of US$28,00, which allows SAT officials access to 10 strategically located cameras to supervise and control the codes of each container entering or leaving a ship.

Recordings from these cameras will be available for up to 90 days for internal use by the authorities to give greater traceability to container handling.

Gabriel Corrales, managing director of APMT Quetzal, said: “The installation of these surveillance tools is part of APMT Quetzal’s commitment to continuous modernisation of our facilities and reaffirms the importance of working together with the authorities, in this case with SAT, to improve efficiency and transparency.”

The direct benefits of AEO accreditation to APMT’s customers include simplified and fast procedures to dispatch cargo, a direct link between the terminal and customs administration and priority consideration to be a part of new programmes aimed at facilitating the dispatch of goods.