Multiple ports choose Nokia for 5G-ready private wireless networks

Multiple ports choose Nokia for 5G-ready private wireless networks

Nokia has deployed private wireless networks for more than 120 customers across multiple industries and geographies including a number of installations at ports.

Equipment manufacturer Kalmar is among the list of ecosystem partners while there are 24 customers in transportation including the Port of Kokkola and the Port of Oulu.

It is hoped that the company’s private LTE/4.9G and 5G wireless networking solutions can unleash the potential of  Industry 4.0 technologies such as cloud, IoT, AI and machine learning.

As well as the 24 customers in transportation, there are 35 in energy, 32 in the public sector and smart cities and 11 in manufacturing and logistics including Ukkoverkot/Konecranes.

Deployments include partnerships with Ukkoverkot to provide the Port of Hamina Kotka in Finland with a private LTE network, aiming to improve container handling logistics and real-time video streaming through wirelessly connected cameras on cranes.

Kathrin Buvac, president of Nokia Enterprise, said: “Enterprises who invest in Industry 4.0 today will gain a clear competitive advantage over those who chose to wait.

“With spectrum and new technologies that have become available, enterprises can deploy industrial-grade wireless connectivity to capture the transformational benefits of digitalisation and industrial automation.”

Nokia has also announced an expansion of its portfolio of industrial-grade private networking solutions.

Buvac added: “AB Research has quantified the private wireless networking market opportunity at US$16.3bn by 2025. Accordingly, we have doubled-down our investments in R&D and human capital to create the most complete private wireless solutions portfolio in the market.

Nokia’s private 4.9G/LTE and 5G wireless networking portfolio is meant to offer ultra-reliable and secure broadband wireless connectivity delivering near spotless coverage across industrial sites.

The industrial-grade solution also seamlessly extends beyond that, spanning their business footprint to support new applications as enterprises embrace the move to Industry 4.0.

The company has also expanded its private wireless ecosystem to include service providers and partners across cloud, systems integration, strategic consulting and industry specialists.

These include communications service providers such as Telefonica Peru and cloud providers such as Microsoft.