New Belt and Road train to connect Gdansk to China

New Belt and Road train to connect Gdansk to China

DCT Gdansk has launched the first permanent railway connection of the Euro China Train, which will regularly connect Xi’an in China to Gdansk via the Adampol Małaszewicze land terminal.

The duration for rail freight from China to reach the Małaszewicze terminal, one of the largest railway terminals of international importance in Poland, ranges from nine to ten days.

Travel time from Małaszewicze to Gdansk is one or two days, and it is possible to shorten the whole transit to ten days.

Another train from China is scheduled to arrive in December, and regular weekly transits on this route will start in January 2020.

Łukasz Greinke, the president of the Port of Gdańsk Authority, said: “The new rail link from China directly to the Port of Gdańsk is an alternative to Western European ports, which significantly reduces the time of container delivery to the Scandinavian and British markets.

“Thanks to this solution we are able to accelerate the transport of goods from China up to as many as 5 days. It is also important to remember that there are fewer operations on the container, which translates into lower costs.”

Adampol company, involved in the creation of the Euro China Train service, has been operating in the area of international and domestic transport of passenger cars, commercial vehicles and vans for 20 years.

The company has at its disposal several thousand car transporters and several hundred specialised wagons.

Elena Łukanowa, the president of the management board of Adampol, said: “Every day, 19 trains from all major Chinese land terminals pass through Małaszewicze.

“The connection between the Adampol Małaszewicze land terminal and the DCT maritime terminal opens up a number of competitive transport routes, e.g. those leading from China via Hamburg and Duisburg to the UK or Scandinavia can be replaced and consequently accelerated up to as many as 5 days.”

The containers will be transhipped at DCT Gdansk, the largest container terminal in the Baltic Sea.

Cameron Thorpe, president of the management board of DCT Gdansk, stated: “Since 2010, DCT Gdansk has operated direct ocean connections with the Far East, enabling Poland to connect with the largest maritime transport trade route; between Europe and Asia.

“[The service] is an added value for the port and an extended range of possibilities for its customers. This proves that sea and land transport can develop and co-exist in harmony, thus strengthening the position of the Port of Gdańsk and the DCT terminal as the Northern Gateway to the fastest-growing region in Europe.”