Friday , 24 January 2020
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New US$4m mobile harbour crane for Port of Progreso
The crane arrived on the BBC Switzerland

New US$4m mobile harbour crane for Port of Progreso

APM Terminals (APMT) Yucatán has commissioned a US$4m mobile harbour crane (MHC) that, once fully implemented, should increase operational efficiency by around 40%.

The Terex 5506, which measures 36 m high, has a 51-m boom and a 125 tonne lifting capacity, arrived at the Port of Progreso, Mexico, on the BBC Switzerland.

Martijn Koolen, general director of APMT Progreso, said: “We are excited to receive the new crane, which is considered the best port equipment in its class.”

“The crane is part of an investment plan will alow us to increase the Port of Progreso’s capacity… There is a lot of potential, not only for Progreso, but also for the region and the country.”

The company has already made significant investments in modernising the terminal, including more than US$1m to increase the capacity of the terminal yard by 20% and US$900,000 to acquire two new reach stackers with the aim to improve operational efficiency.

APMT also plans to launch a digital client portal to streamline transactional efficiency in 2020.

The terminal operator has already invested US$22.6m in the facility since its concession began in 2005 and by continuing to invest, APMT hopes to boost the economic development of the region.