Friday , 24 January 2020
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APM Terminals Mumbai handles 2m teu for second consecutive year

APM Terminals Mumbai handled more than 2m teu for the second consecutive year in 2019, a level of annual throughput that no other Indian container terminal has yet achieved.

Girish Aggarwal, chief operating officer of APM Terminals Mumbai, praised the terminal’s stakeholders including its employees, Jawaharlal Nehru Port, Jawaharlal Nehru Customs and “all members of the trade who have helped us operate at high productivity levels”.

The operator noted in a statement that it has continued its focus on strong collaborative efforts with all its customers – shipping lines, cargo owners, container freight stations (CFSs) and transporters to realise high efficiency levels.

Initiatives partnered with CFSs such as a vehicle booking system and digitisation measures such as a customer service portal have boosted efforts towards ensuring customer satisfaction, it added.

The terminal further remains committed towards improvement of ‘ease of doing business’ at the port by embracing increased digitisation interventions, noted APMT.