Friday , 24 January 2020
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Mardas goes live with GullsEye’s TOS

Mardas, one of Turkey’s top ten container ports, has gone live with a terminal operating system (TOS) from GullsEye.

The terminal, which offers connections with the Mediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea, Marmara Sea and the Black Sea, is the only multipurpose port in its hinterland, serving boutique services such as contianerisation of general cargo or liquid cargo.

Hence, it required software with “integrated modules and a flexible structure,” noted a statement from the operator.

It added: “Thankfully it has been a successful cutover without any disruption in operation.

“With their previous experience and competence, the GullsEye team mastered the possible scenarios that could be experienced with the system change, finding instant solutions to all problems throughout the transition.”

The TOS provider is also working on a go-live at Torosport Ceyhan, one of Turkey’s largest casting and general cargo ports, servicing İskenderun Bay.

Terminal operation is the largest business arm among Toros Agri’s non-agricultural operations and the company has begun providing services at the pier to third parties.

In particular, the operator noted: “We aimed to create a common language to be used by all parts of the terminal operations and rationalise our reporting system.

“We have targeted to create a system which allow us to use approval process and respond just in time. We are willing to include our clients into the system and allow them to follow their own operation from their own offices.”