Navis offers RTG optimisation in latest version of N4

Navis offers RTG optimisation in latest version of N4

Navis has announced the availability of N4 3.8, the latest cloud-enabled version of its core terminal operating system (TOS), offering rubber-tyred gantry (RTG) crane optimisation to streamline operations for manual and automated RTG terminals.

The newest iteration of N4 is meant to lay the foundation for cloud deployments, with a richer suite of Navis Smart application packages, including the vessel planning, mobile, and safety suites, that leverage the power of data in the TOS.

Younus Aftab, chief technology officer at Navis, stated: “N4 continues to push boundaries to provide new functionality by leveraging the cloud and Navis Smart technologies to unlock TOS data and lower costs for our customers.

“We have built the smart platform with the goal of helping all N4 customers, whether they are manually operated or operate with some level of automation, to streamline their operations from the container to the gate, yard and rail and also have increased functionality to better serve rail and general cargo transactions for terminals.”

The new RTG optimisation module will focus on data and intelligence in an effort to increase productivity by optimising side-loading yard cranes through the automated decision making of existing manual processes.

It supports existing manual RTG terminals, as well as retrofit manned RTGs towards automation.

N4 3.8 features smart suite, aiming to offer improved capability and packaging through ready to deploy cloud applications and mobile applications available through flexible packaging options.

The latest version of the TOS is also meant to have the most complete general cargo capabilities with support of truckers with work orders, appointments, delivery and ad hoc pickups.

Navis has also worked on improving the N4 rail module to increase usability and upgrade the rail workflow, reduce unladen truck travel for better performance and optimise rail crane moves for higher efficiency and productivity.

In addition, Navis 360 Managed Services, launched earlier this year, continues to expand its portfolio to support customers with the ongoing monitoring and management of N4 3.8, and is available by monthly subscription.