3D crane simulator presented at Port of Duisburg

3D crane simulator presented at Port of Duisburg
The simulation is especially designed for inland ports

Duisport Group has presented its own crane simulator in the Duisburg free port, a first for combined transportation in its hinterland, aiming to boost the training and education of its employees.

Erich Staake, CEO of duisport, stated: “The duisport training centre in the Duisburg free port has already had its own train simulator since the beginning of 2019, and it is an integral part of our long-term training and continuing education strategy.

“The addition of a crane simulator means that the duisport Group’s training program is unique in Europe.”

The crane simulator, which was made in the US by GlobalSim, was adjusted to the requirements and conditions of the Port of Duisburg, under the project leadership of duisport executive board member Professor Thomas Schlipköther.

When using the simulator, employees operate crane facilities in a virtual environment that mimics a real crane and the scenery in the German port. The so-called “piggy back simulation” is especially designed for the needs of inland ports.

The system has seven 4k flat screens that are based on a proprietary 3-DOF movement (three-dimensional space).

Users are meant to get a realistic sense of how the entire simulator moves – exactly how the equipment would move during the operation of a real crane.

An instructor control station is in constant contact with the system and the user while the operator can simulate any number of scenarios with instruction, including difficult weather conditions and special emergency situations.

Such scenarios cannot be simply practised on a real crane during regular operations, therefore representing a fundamental advantage of the crane simulator.