Daikin controlled atmosphere technology used for landmark shipment of Taiwanese guava to US

Daikin controlled atmosphere technology used for landmark shipment of Taiwanese guava to US
Fresh Taiwan guava

Daikin Reefer’s controlled atmosphere (CA) technology has helped ensure that a landmark shipment of guava fruit from Taiwan to the US was completed successfully.

Dubbed the “Fruit Kingdom” for its ideal growing conditions that support a great variety of tropical fruits, Taiwan is the first Asian country and the second in the world after Mexico permitted to export guava to the US.

This was made possible by an agreement signed between Taiwan and the US in October 2019, 10 years in the making, reflecting rigorous US sanitary and phytosanitary protocols to prevent unwanted pests from entering the country.

Cold treatment is used internationally to prevent the spread of fruit flies without the need for pesticides.

It requires the core pulp of fruit to be maintained consistently below a certain temperature for a specified number of days during transport.

For the Taiwanese guava, US rules specify that the core of the fruit must be kept below 1°C for 17 consecutive days.

The shipper selected Daikin Active CA to comply with the demanding cold treatment quarantine process while still maintaining optimal transport conditions for the premium guava.

The system reduces oxygen and carbon dioxide and boosts nitrogen levels to quickly put fresh produce into a state of hibernation, helping to maintain quality and extend the shelf life of a wide range of produce.

Combining CA with cold treatment helps to counteract potential chilling injuries and other negative effects of holding higher maturity fruit in a low temperate environment over extended periods.

The container load of guava was shipped from Tainan in southern Taiwan via the Port of Kaoshiung before arriving at the Port of Los Angeles where it was released for onward delivery within 24 hours.

Mark Wu, president of Top Quality Produce, said: “To ship guava using Daikin Active CA from Taiwan to the US is an exciting project and we are very proud to be at the forefront of this important trade development that allows more overseas consumers to enjoy the flavour of famous Taiwanese tropical fruits.”

Ah Huat Goh, general manager, global marketing & service, reefer department at Daikin Reefer, said: “We are delighted that Daikin Active CA and refrigeration container technology was selected for this historic shipment, ensuring the top-quality reputation of Taiwanese guava was maintained while meeting all the required safety controls.

“We look forward to supporting the growth of this exciting new export trade for Taiwan.”