Evergreen Line launches GreenX

Evergreen Line launches GreenX
GreenX offers instant quotes

Evergreen Line has launched the ‘GreenX’ platform in response to the need for greater efficiencies through digitalisation, helping to fulfil its mission to provide the most optimised service to its customers.

GreenX allows users to enjoy seamless booking capabilities, providing a digital portal for Evergreen customers to get instant quotes and secured space with prioritised equipment supplied by the carrier.

Since its soft launch in January 2020, GreenX has received nearly two thousands of sign-ups via this one-stop digital platform thus demonstrating its customers’ interest in going digital.

At this initial stage, Evergreen Line is offering GreenX facilities on routes from Asia to North America, Europe, Mediterranean, Latin America, Middle East, Australia, South Africa and Intra Asia trade lanes.

The platform is powered by a neutral freightech supplier, BlueX Trade, that has been involved in building leading ocean cargo networks and has now linked the shipper community with Evergreen Line’s services.

GreenX is able to provide benefits to enterprise shippers (BCOs), NVOCCs and freight forwarders by allowing them to forgo the traditional rules of contract negotiation (which needs to be carried out in advance with volume commitment) and book directly in minutes.

It offers spot rates with secured space, giving customers the flexibility to make booking at the most convenient times.

GreenX offers free registration and allows customers to access essential information such as route searches, instant freight quotes and bookings in a few clicks.

It also gives customers the power to make payments, submit Verified Gross Mass and Bill of Lading instruction online.

In addition to being a digital booking platform, GreenX customers will be able to access trade services such as freight financing, insurance, customs brokerage, trucking and warehousing in the near future.