Inform to deliver optimisation software to Port of Rotterdam

Inform to deliver optimisation software to Port of Rotterdam
The Container Exchange Route aims to add additional flexibility

The Port of Rotterdam has chosen Inform to deliver an innovative application of its existing optimisation modules as part of the port’s Container Exchange Route (CER) project.

Inform is set to deliver the Capacity and Planning Platform (CAPP), comprised of a plug-in set of optimisation modules, for the front-end user interface – the CER platform developed by the port.

CAPP receives data from the CER platform, analyses it and sends back optimised proposals for execution.

These analyses include whether a new order is feasible given current workload and constraints, a journey plan for containers, the generation of schedules and more.

The CAPP will combine Inform’s Sycontress optimisers and leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and optimisation techniques.

Emile van Rijn, project manager of CAPP CER at the Port of Rotterdam, said: “Optimisation algorithms are crucial to the success of CAPP and therefore for the CER project; due to the high number of parameters to be considered, it is not realistic for a staff member to manually plan the CER movements on the back of a cigar box.”

The project will be delivered using an agile development approach with iterative releases planned regularly throughout the development process.

Dr. Eva Salvesberg, SVP of Inform’s logistic division, added: “Being able to deliver increments as early as possible brings benefits for both parties at the beginning of the project.

“Small steps towards the integration and communication between the CER platform and CAPP means huge benefits for the project’s overall progress due to the possibility to continuously test the software throughout the course of the implementation.”

The CER comprises dedicated infrastructure, logistics agreements and IT systems that link all parties.

It is expected to provide shorter turnaround time for deep-sea vessels, additional flexibility and additional capacity to attract new cargo.

The CER bundles container flows so that trains, barges and feeders will no longer need to call all terminals individually and transhipment containers will be exchanged reliantly and efficiently.

Participating terminals include Hutchinson’s ECT-Delta, ECT-Euromax, APM Terminals (APMT) Rotterdam, Rotterdam World Gateway and APMT MVII as well as Dutch customs, Distripark, empty depots and the barge and feeder terminals on the Maasvlakte.