Maersk launches Maersk Cargo Insurance

Maersk launches Maersk Cargo Insurance
Maersk launched the service in Spain

Maersk has teamed up with Zurich Insurance Plc (Zurich) to bring Maersk Cargo Insurance, a product designed to protect customers’ goods against physical loss or damages.

The insurance covers goods from the time they are first moved for loading until the completion of unloading at destination, from and to almost every country in the world, Maersk has said.

Kim Pedersen, global head of logistics and services at Maersk, said: “In line with our vision to become the global integrated container logistics company, we aim to provide our customers with a variety of solutions related to their supply chain.

“As another step in this direction, we are now expanding our product offering and adding cargo insurance to our portfolio which customers are able to add to their booking seamlessly online, something that is currently not available in our industry.”

Maersk Cargo Insurance is provided by Zurich, one of the world’s largest marine cargo insurers, which offers insurance products and services in over 215 countries and territories.

The company also possess the necessary financial capacity and credential to insure the world’s largest shipments.

Maersk Cargo Insurance launched in Spain on March 16, 2020, and is available for nearly all commodities including reefer products and special cargo.

Customers have the option of deciding at each shipment to purchase insurance or agreeing to have insurance included with every shipment upfront.

It also has the benefit of settling all bills in one place and insurance premium for the service is included in the regular Maersk freight invoice.

Maia Parlagashvili, global insurance product manager, said: “The launch of Maersk Cargo Insurance in Spain marks the first step in offering a cargo insurance product globally and having a variety of solutions based on our customers’ interests.

“We look forward to successfully roll out the product across other countries in Europe throughout 2020.”