Building application for trimodal container terminal on logport VI submitted

Building application for trimodal container terminal on logport VI submitted
logport VI

duisport has submitted a building application for the trimodal container terminal at logport VI as part of its continued development of the facility.

The facility is an integral part of new logistics concepts formed by duisport, its customers and its partners wherein the primary goal is to reduce truck traffic and offer permanent alternatives particularly for ship and rail cargo.

Construction will include an internal access road for logport VI on top of the rail/water/road container terminal.

Additionally, complicated repair work to the rail connection between Oberhausen-West and the improvement of the water infrastructure for the new terminal in Walsum will be completed.

Duisburger Infrastruckturgesellschaft (DIG), the joint infrastructure company of the city of Duisburg and duisport, will complete the site development process for the second building section of the Walsum link road.

As the main shareholder of DIG, the city of Duisburg will formally award the planning contract for the second building section.

duisport has already rendered many preliminary planning services to ensure the construction of the link road until the planned completion date in 2024.

DIG will also look after the construction of the first building section on behalf of Duisburg, allowing the city and duisport to establish a joint basis for quickly connecting logport VI to the transportation system.

Erich Staake, chief executive officer of Duisburger Hafen AG, said: “The solidarity between the city of Duisburg and duisport for logport VI is a milestone for the infrastructure development of the logport VI premises.

“We are certain that these solutions, which were developed jointly with the city, will lead to a real reduction in road traffic.”

This new concept will allow Duisburger Hafen AG to provide its customers with state-of-the-art, powerful infrastructure with a main focus on the alternative water and rail transportation channels.

Lord Mayor Sören Link said: “The reactivation of the railway bed, the optimised dock facilities and the start of the bypass road, which has been discussed for years, is an important and positive signal for the cooperative approach taken by duisport and Duisburg for the creation of new workplaces.”