Samudera Shipping Line deploys CyberLogitec’s CARA

Samudera Shipping Line deploys CyberLogitec’s CARA
Samudera ISO containers

CyberLogitec has deployed CARA, its collaboration platform, at Samudera Shipping Line to support the company in improving its operational efficiency, document accuracy, traceability and safety of special cargo management.

Samudera became the first carrier to adopt a platform-based digital solution to manage its special cargo processes as a regional carrier when the platform went live in February 2020.

It is now able to integrate its email processing through CARA, which then applies automated validation checks with its embedded dangerous goods (DG) database and enables email responses via CARA back to carrier partners.

Capt. Tan Meng Toon, Samudera shipping line’s commercial director, said: “Going digital for our special cargo management is a necessary and crucial step for the business to ensure more efficient and accurate assessment and approval for such high-value cargos.

“This is a critical pillar of Samudera’s strategy to reinforce its position as a leader in containerised regional and feeder services.”

CARA minimises risks in the special cargo application processes and overall management, ultimately guaranteeing the safety of personnel, protecting the environment and meeting regulatory compliance.

It is a multi-tenanted and unified SaaS platform service that allows carriers regardless of scale and size to capitalise on collaboration among users.

With an embedded database of IMDG codebook and configurable DG restrictions/prohibitions will enforce timely online validation and compliance verification for DG bookings and shipments for all users.

Tevin Choi, managing director of CyberLogitec Global, said: “With a single data source, the platform enhances and simplifies Samudera’s current special cargo-handling processes, allows faster, safer decision-making and supports the track-and-trace capabilities.”