Konecranes to deliver 30 additional AGVs to Long Beach

Konecranes to deliver 30 additional AGVs to Long Beach
Konecranes AGVs at Long Beach

Long Beach Container Terminal (LBCT) has ordered an additional 30 Konecranes Gottwald Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) to be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2020.

These new AGVs will greatly expand LBCT’s current, complete system of 72 lead-acid battery-driven Konecranes AGVs which includes a Battery Exchange System (BES), transponder navigation and a fence control safety system.

In a separate order, Konecranes will provide pre-engineering for a second BES that will be installed for redundancy reasons as part of the final phase of the terminal’s construction.

Thanks to the initial BES, this second system will have an improved design resulting from the operational knowledge drawn from the previous one.

Ari Rämö, Americas region sales manager at Konecranes Port Solutions, said: “This order from LBCT is a strong vote of confidence in our AGV technology and its long-term viability in terms of constantly improving eco-efficiency and productivity.”

LBCT uses the TEAMS Equipment Control System (ECS) from TBA Group to manage travel orders, optimise routes and avoid deadlock situations in the operation of the AGV fleet.

This system will be updated to reflect the expanded AGV fleet and its operational range.

Anthony Otto, president of LBCT LLC, said: “LBCT is very pleased with the performance of our first fleet of AGVs.

“We will now be increasing this fleet as part of the completion of the final phase of the new terminal’s construction currently underway and scheduled to be finished in Q1 of 2022.”

This contract with LBCT is part of Konecranes’ path to automation project, in which container terminals improve productivity and safety in manageable steps.