HAROPA and SOGET launch dynamic visualisation and analysis module

HAROPA and SOGET launch dynamic visualisation and analysis module
Le Havre port

HAROPA, the joint venture between the ports of Le Havre, Rouen and Paris, has launched a new digital visualization and analysis module with software company SOGET.

The new concept, known as ‘My KPIs’, is the first of its kind in Europe and enables maritime, port and logistics professionals to continuously measure the logistics performance and containerized goods.

Laurent Foloppe, HAROPA’s sales and marketing director, said: “The future belongs to the digitization of port complexes; a major challenge to streamline the passage of goods so that it is always faster, more efficient, smarter and more secure.

“It is in line with our positioning as a ‘Smart Corridor’ and enables us to develop a digital, tailor-made service for our customers along the Seine axis.”

The service has been integrated with SOGET’s PCS S)ONE system, which is based on Microsoft technologies.

It offers everyone permanent access to the average performance of the goods flow and allows companies to measure their own individual performance by logging in with their S)ONE user IDs.

All indicators have been made available for both import and export and according to the three pre/post shipment modes of road, rail and river.

The data records are available from 2014, when the first indicators were produced by local professional working groups.

Laurie Mazurier, services dept. deputy director at SOGET, said: “My KPIs is a real decision support tool for professionals who will be able to take continuous improvement measures and optimise individual and overall performance.”