PSA Cargo Solutions enters strategic partnership with One Network Enterprises

PSA Cargo Solutions enters strategic partnership with One Network Enterprises
Bruce Jacquemard, chief revenue officer at One Network Enterprises

One Network Enterprises (One) and PSA Cargo Solutions have joined in a strategic partnership to expand services for global terminal operations and logistics.

One aims to further expand the capabilities of PSA’s Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) for global 3PL customers through this partnership, including ocean and land end-to-end services for global logistics and port-based warehousing.

Bruce Jacquemard, chief revenue officer at One, said: “PSA is a leader in global terminal operations and logistics with a vision for real-time global supply networks that matches our own.

“Combining the unique capabilities of the One Network platform with PSA’s services in global logistics and port-based warehousing will be game changing in the maritime supply chain world and will unlock enormous business value for customers.”

The companies’ joint solution will provide full capability for track-and-trace visibility, alerts and notifications, and a comprehensive supply chain control tower which includes mobile apps.

It is expected to handle thousands of bookings per month over nearly 100 global transportation lanes across Asia and the EU.

Ghim Siew Ho, head group commercial, strategy and cargo solutions at PSA International, said: “As a global terminal operator, PSA sits at key nodal points of the supply chain.

“Our vision is to connect the supply chain communities and empower them with the ability to move their goods with greater intelligence, agility and resilience.”

The specific capabilities of the joint solution include shipment planning, order management, and execution, including PO planning, management and optimisation.

Exception management, including detention & demurrage alerts and updates are also included.

It will also offer carrier management for ocean, road and rail, including barge booking, as well as rate management and booking management across modes at the PO, container and CBM/carton level.

Order confirmation, status updates and reporting, with both online and physical reports will also be made available among other services.

The system will optimise transport, planning and routing for local and cross-border distribution including optimisation of alternative transportation modes.

Future plans include a platform for additional supply chain business process outsourcing (PBO) services provided by PSA for shippers.