Awake.AI launches situational awareness and optimisation solution for maritime sector

Awake.AI launches situational awareness and optimisation solution for maritime sector
The platform uses machine learning methods

Awake.AI has launched Smart Port as a Service, a real-time overview and collaboration solution for all maritime actors, aiming to improve situational awareness and enable smarter operational optimisation.

The company hopes that it platform will smoothen the processes associated with port calls, adding certainty and eliminating the wasted time, resources and unnecessary emissions derived from extended waiting times.

According to the company, the benefits of the turnkey solution include better operational planning and optimisation of port calls, improved situational awareness, shared and transparent communication and greater operational efficiency.

The platform’s features include all-round mapping, dynamic fleets, berth planning, task and resource planning, multimodal communication and accurate predictions.

The features are enabled through communication and open information sharing by the collaborating partners, in an effort to deliver better operational planning and optimisation of port calls.

Openness and sharing information between collaborators marks a new way of thinking compared to the traditional method of operating in silos, according to the company, which believes that the digital transformation of maritime logistics will be key to complying with environmental regulations.

The platform also includes security governance and security operations models and procedures that support managing cyber threats.

Karno Tenovuo, co-founder and CEO of Awake.AI, stated: “We are bringing together sea, port, and land logistics in a way that has not been done before. Smart Port as a Service delivers substantial value to our clients in integrating and providing predictions to the entire maritime logistics chain operations.”

The ability to make predictions originates from the platform’s AI algorithms, utilising multiple data sources, such as weather forecasts, vessel information and historical data, thereby helping port actors to save time and costs while increasing operational efficiency.

Awake.AI also uses machine learning (ML) methods to enable progressive streamlining of operations by harvesting, analysing and gaining understanding from vast amounts of data.

Simo Salminen, co-founder, VP Product, at Awake.AI, said: “In our view, collaboration between maritime actors is foundational for more efficient maritime business.

“When you are providing world-class maritime services, you need world-class partners with great digital expertise and visionary enthusiasm.”