Fire Shield Systems helps DP World London Gateway to safeguard operations

Fire Shield Systems helps DP World London Gateway to safeguard operations
DP World utilises Fire Shield System's Dafo system

Fire Shield Systems has helped DP World London Gateway to safeguard its vehicle and machinery operations through its Dafo fire suppression system.

As the UK’s third largest container port, almost 1m containers pass through London Gateway each year and, as a result, the port’s schedule is tightly packed, with little room for any period of downtime.

Neil Bellinger, workshop and mobile equipment manager, at DP World London Gateway, said: “We have a large number of machinery assets which are crucial to our operations.

“Some of these, such as straddle carriers, are very expensive to replace, so safeguarding their continued use is essential. This is why it is our policy to ensure all assets are supplied with fire suppression systems as standard.”

The Dafo suppression system consists of three integrated methods: detection, alarm and suppression, which work together to suppress a fire inside the engine compartment of vehicles and machinery.

The system is currently being used on all of DP World London Gateway’s on site mobile equipment.

Since first partnering with the port in 2018, Fire Shield Systems has continued to visit the port regularly to monitor its mobile suppression systems and carry out any necessary maintenance to ensure that the systems remain effective.

James Mountain, director of Fire Shield Systems, said: “It’s been a real pleasure to work onsite at DP World London Gateway.

“Our work with them is part of our continued effort to raise safety standards across the port industry.”