Liebherr MHC used in flexible barge solution at the Harbour of New York

Liebherr MHC used in flexible barge solution at the Harbour of New York
The LHM 600 is able to be moved from terminal to terminal

Sims Metal Management has been able to increase its flexibility at the New York Harbour by deploying its Liebherr LHM 600 mobile harbour crane (MHC) on a barge.

This has enabled Sims, one of the world’s leading metal recyclers, to move the floating MHC between its different terminals.

The company operates two different terminals in the New York Harbour and additional terminals in the Port of Newark and Claremont in Jersey City, New Jersey, approximately 10 km linear distance.

Depending on requirements, the floating MHC can be towed by sea to the appropriate terminal and this is ready for operation in the shortest possible time.

The crane is able to move along the barge to reach further hatches without having to move the barge and means no adjustments to the port infrastructure is necessary and helps to save space.

The LHM 600 is equipped with a 750 kW diesel engine and has a maximum lifting capacity of 144 tonnes.

In 4-rope grab operation, up to 75 tonnes are available which makes it’s the most powerful MHC on a barge in the US.

Additionally, the machine is equipped with the Liebherr Pactronic hybrid system that acts as an additional energy storage device and acts as a power amplifier.

Sims also has access to the manufacturer’s LiDAT smartApp that enables the company to analyse crane data and initiate process improvements.