MSC adds instant quote function for online cargo bookings

MSC adds instant quote function for online cargo bookings
Andre Simha, chief digital and information officer at MSC

MSC has introduced an online instant quote function to its e-business platform myMSC, aiming to help its customers quickly and easily get shipping rates for container bookings.

At present, the majority of the carrier’s bookings are carried out offline, meaning the process of completing a booking can be time consuming. In comparison, the instant quote function can be generated in seconds via a few clicks.

Customers have the option to instantly complete the booking with the generated quote on myMSC or alternatively, they can save the quote or forward it to multiple contacts for booking at a later stage.

The automated quote generation also reduces room for human error according to the shipping line, further improving the efficiency of the process.

The function is currently only available for shipping trade routes from North America to Europe and from Asia to Europe, with plans for the addition of more trades over the course of 2020.

Andre Simha, chief digital and information officer at MSC, said: “The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend towards digitalisation within the industry and the importance of engaging customers through multiple platforms, including through e-business.

“As such, this upgrade of myMSC is a clear illustration of our continuing efforts to invest in digital business transformation with the aim to improve efficiency and transparency, and to give our customers more options.”

The launch of instant quote is expected to significantly boost the number of MSC’s online bookings, and further “unlock the value” of myMSC as an e-business platform for customers.

To use the tool, customers will first need to login to or sign up for an account if they do not have one yet. Upon login either through the desktop version or the myMSC iOS/Android app, customers can access the instant quote function.

By selecting the starting and ending points of the shipment and the equipment size, customers can see the options for shipping rates, while details such as the shipping window, estimated transit time, routing and the charges included in the quotation will be displayed.

The tool can be used for bookings of standard-sized (20 ft and 40 ft) and High Cube (40 ft and 45 ft) dry containers. For locations where intermodal services are available, customers can opt for end-to-end rates from the origin to destination.

The list of e-business tools available in myMSC already includes the ability to do e-bookings, retrieval of documents such as booking confirmations and arrival notices, oversight of bookings via a dashboard, creation and submission of shipping instructions, submission of Verified Gross Mass (VGM), tracking of shipments and receiving of notifications.