DAMCO develops app to digitise shipment processing of infant formula for Wyeth

DAMCO develops app to digitise shipment processing of infant formula for Wyeth
Anthony Akerman, DAMCO UK's managing director, using the app

DAMCO has developed a new app for Wyeth Nutrition, a division of Nestlé Nutrition, which digitises the shipment processing of its infant formula consignments globally.

The tailored app allows truck drivers to record and report on all of Wyeth’s local container transport movements, as well as to generate a quality control document, which can be produced for audit purposes.

The data can be accessed in real time by transport planners at the trucking company along with DAMCO and Wyeth Nutrition from a web-based desktop version.

Anthony Akerman, managing director for in UK and Ireland at DAMCO UK, said: “After checking to ensure the container is food-grade quality, the driver can tick a box on the app to generate a document to show that prerequisite checks have been completed.

“The app also allows us to track the length of time a container is on or off quay so that we can manage costs.”

The Yard Management feature offers an up-to-date overview of the number, status, and shipping line for containers available at Wyeth Askeaton Ireland facility at any time of day, this helps avoid downtime and hold ups caused by containers being in the wrong location.

Previously, manual reports and checks could take up to four and a half hours a day but the app automates these to help save time.

DAMCO developed the app closely with Wyeth to ensure that it understood the company’s specific requirements.

Akermen added: “We also made sure to get support from the hauliers as their feedback is essential because they are the supplier inputting the data.

“By moving what was a manual process online, we have improved efficiency and provided a transparent real-time overview of their supply chain, enabling them to monitor each individual shipment of baby formula from manufacturing facility to destination.”

The customer is able to see products and monitor freshness remotely, in addition to being able to check shipment milestones as they are reached, thanks to a range of dashboards within the app’s interface.

Patrick O’Connell, supply chain lead at Wyeth Nutrition Ireland, said: “The DAMCO app has been proven to be very effective in facilitating an instant update on the location and status of containers within the Wyeth local supply chain.

“This information supports efficient decision making that increases our agility along with lowering container dwell time and increasing visibility. This helps reduce cost while providing added security.”

The app, developed in conjunction with IBM, is scalable so that any number of shipping lines, hauliers and collection and delivery points can be added.

As of August 2020, DAMCO will be offering tailored versions of the app to its customers.