DP World Buenos Aires is first Argentinian port terminal to certify its biosafety protocols

DP World Buenos Aires is first Argentinian port terminal to certify its biosafety protocols
Terminales Rio de la Plata

Terminales Rio de la Plata (DP World Buenos Aires) has become the first port terminal Argentina, and one of the first in the Americas, to be granted the Safeguard International certification.

The label guarantees the terminal’s compliance with and implementation of the highest biosafety standards and the correct adoption of protocols laid down for the prevention of COVID-19.

It was issued by Bureau Veritas, a global leader in certifications, inspection and analysis.

DP World Buenos Aires created an interdisciplinary committee with the main goal to protect the safety of its employees and stakeholders, preventing and reducing to the utmost extent the risk of virus transmission within the terminal.

The terminal has kept a constant and direct dialogue with the Argentine General Port Administration (AGP SE) which has helped to further expedite the compliance and monitoring of its protocols.

Gustavo Figuerola, DP World Buenos Aires’ CEO, said: “Through this certification we will continue to use our reach to make impactful interventions in the local communities that are the fabric of our organisation.”

The Safeguard certification has been designed to ascertain that companies achieve safety standards and protocols throughout their processes and facilities.

DP World Buenos Aires has ensured the effective implementation of various safety, hygiene and sanitation protocols and controls.

Its auditing team also oversaw the general management of virus transmission risks, facilities and health infrastructures as well as the compliance of facility and equipment disinfection protocols.

Body temperature checks, among other various prevention and control practices, have also been adopted in all processes and facilities.

The new certification complements the other five previously obtained certifications regarding its health and safety management system in the workplace and as such demonstrates DP World Buenos Aires’ commitment with development and continuous improvement.