Portonave invests more than R$16m in the acquisition of equipment

Portonave invests more than R$16m in the acquisition of equipment
The new equipment at Portonave

Portonave has acquired 25 new terminal tractors and two lithium battery-powered forklift trucks, representing an investment of R$16.6m (US$2.9m), to help increase efficiency, safety and reliability of port operations.

The company noted that it was important to maintain planned investments, even in times of crisis, to help Brazil’s economy and development.

The terminal tractors and forklifts have greater load capacity and include improvements in ergonomics for operators.

Emanuel Jorge, Portonave’s operations manager, said: “Portonave is proud to have the most modern and efficient equipment in the market in its equipment park, which is one of the reasons for the high levels of productivity at the terminal.”

At present, Portonave has 40 terminal tractors in operation and will replace the 25 oldest equipment units which have been in operation since 2007.

Portonave’s maintenance manager Marcelo Diniz noted: “The capacity of the new trucks is 25% greater than the capacity of the equipment that will be replaced.

“They have a robust and reinforced structure, better damping and are better prepared to increase the volume of operations.”

The two new electric EFG 425K forklift trucks are already in operation at the terminal’s warehouse and are the first powered by electricity in operation in ports in the southern region of Brazil.

They are free of heat or noise, making for a more comfortable experience to the professionals who operating them in addition to reducing operating costs.

In addition, by using equipment powered by electricity, Portonave continues to contribute to the replacement of fossil energy consumption with clean and renewable energy.

This begun with the acquisition of the terminal’s electric rubber-tyred gantry (RTG) cranes.