Algeciras Port achieves shorter idle times through PortXchange pilot

Algeciras Port achieves shorter idle times through PortXchange pilot
The Port of Algeciras

The Port of Algeciras aims to optimise port calls and thereby reduce emissions through a pilot project of the PortXchange platform.

Ultimately the project, which is run in collaboration with Maersk Line, APM Terminals (APMT) and PortXchange, hopes to improve the end-to-end port call process including just-in-time arrivals.

The pilot has run for approximately six weeks and has resulted in improvements in idle time on departure and arrival of Maersk vessels.

This was achieved through the standardised data exchange and timely notifications about the planning status.

PortXchange applies communication standards from the Taskforce Port Call Optimisation and provides a centralised point for sharing real-time data to align all players during the port call.

All users have an overview of the entire process and are immediately informed about any schedule changes, enabling quick responses to the changing situation and any necessary adjustments in planning.

Through showing planning updates as soon as they occur, PortxChange helps vessels to optimise speed and decrease unnecessary emissions if the time the ship is scheduled to arrive is changed for any number of reasons.

Francisco de los Santos, chief information and innovation officer from the Algeciras Port Authority, noted: “Although we have a local Port Collaboration platform in place, we are making efforts to remain ‘technology agnostic’ and be ready to collaborate with any platform which can add value to the business.

“This pilot with PortXchange is a real example of collaboration and business focus. A step further to make port logistics more data-driven, transparent, efficient and sustainable.”

Algeciras Port, located on the Strait of Gibraltar, was selected for the pilot due to the substantial number of Maersk Line calls at the facility – which is the first Spanish and fourth-ranked European port in terms of total cargo.

Head of Maersk Line SEULOC Henrik Peterson said: “With PortXchange we see the possibility to optimise the port calls and berth replacement manoeuvres which finally results in the idle time reduction.

“Having all actors using the platform maximises its value. So the commitment and participation of the whole port community are essential for achieving the desired results.”