Konecranes secures order from DP World Antwerp Gateway for ASCs

Konecranes secures order from DP World Antwerp Gateway for ASCs
ASCs at DP World Antwerp Gateway

DP World Antwerp Gateway has ordered a fleet of 34 automated stacking cranes (ASCs) from Konecranes to expand upon its current fleet of 20 Konecranes ASCs.

The first batch of the Konecranes Gottwald automated rail-mounted gantries (ARMGs) are scheduled to be delivered in the second quarter of 2022 with the last batch by 2026.

DP World Antwerp Gateway aims to continue its current operating concept which uses an ASC system delivered by Gottwald in 2006.

The new ASC system, utilising a fleet of Konecranes Gottwald ARMGs, takes advantage of the latest automation technologies Konecranes offers.

Jef Lambregts, head of projects at DP World Antwerp Gateway, said: “We had a series of deep discussions with Konecranes regarding every aspect of our automation expansion at our terminal. Eventually, we were convinced that Konecranes could provide every dimension needed.

“We need technology continuation of our current ASC concept. We want to take advantage of the latest developments in automation technology. We will get improved automated truck handling and remote operation ergonomics.”

The new ASC system’s most notable physical feature is the rigid guiding beam for container load control, as used in the Gottwald ARMG design concept.

A new trolley design has been developed to support an increased lifting height which is based on Konecranes’ proven technology with a hybrid of existing systems for auto-landing on the truck chassis.

As part of the project, TBA will extend the existing Equipment Control System (ECS) used at the terminal.

The new Konecranes Gottwald ARMGs will stack containers 1-over6 spanning nine container rows.

Port services from Konecranes will also be part of the delivery and an extension to the current Service Level Agreement will be made which will include software updates.