PSA partners with CDAS to launch one-stop digital solution platform SmartBooking

PSA partners with CDAS to launch one-stop digital solution platform SmartBooking
PSA's terminals at Pasir Panjang

PSA Corporation and the Container Depot and Logistics Association (CDAS) have launched SmartBooking, an integrated one-stop booking platform for container depots, terminals, hauliers and logistics facilities across Singapore.

The initiative, developed by PSA, aims to play a major role in Singapore’s logistics ecosystem digitalisation roadmap and is part of the National Artificial Intelligence strategy to facilitate data exchange and enable the deployment of AI solutions.

Online platform SmartBooking connects stakeholders across the supply chain and logistics value chain in Singapore and offers higher visibility of the entire logistics flow.

It enables easy access to information such as vessel schedules, container movement events and planned activities and allows processes to be further streamlined which leads to a more efficient logistics ecosystem and an overall reduction in carbon footprint.

Seow Hwee, head of cargo solutions southeast Asia, PSA International, explained that the company aims to establish an Intelligent Logistics Ecosystem that connects key nodes comprising of PSA’s port, depots and warehouses and plants.

She said: “This is important for driving interoperability between systems, and the robust exchange of supply chain-related information will transform our logistics community into a well-connected and resilient hub, further strengthening Singapore’s position as a leading logistics and supply chain management hub.”

SmartBox has been supported by Enterprise Singapore (ESG), Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and Smart Nation and Digital Government Office (SNDGO).

In addition to Smartbox, PSA and CDAS have also introduced the Intelligent Box Operation eXchange (iBOX) which is a next-generation management solution that digitally connects the port with container depots across Singapore.

iBOX can be integrated with SmartBooking for seamless data exchange, which enables better truck visibility for enhanced efficiency between logistics facilities and container depots.

SmartBooking will also enable users to arrange shipment efficiently, pool jobs, better plan their trips and track resource availability with ease in one platform.

Ted Tan, deputy CEO of ESG, said: “Enabling data exchange and information visibility through an integrated platform will allow logistics players in the supply chain to make data-driven decisions and optimise their resources such as manpower and trucks.

“This will level up the capabilities of the players in the industry and improve the overall efficiency of the sector.”