Paceco and Mitsui launch near zero emission RTG

Paceco and Mitsui launch near zero emission RTG
Testing of the zero emission unit is due to be completed by March 2023

Paceco Group and Mitsui E&S Machinery (MES-M) have announced the market release of a near zero emission (NZE) rubber-tyred gantry (RTG) crane as well as the commencement of zero emission (ZE) RTG development.

The NZE ‘Transtainer’ model is an updated version of the Paceco-Mitsui hybrid Transtainer, first introduced to the market in 2009 with power module combination of lithium-ion batteries and a half size engine compared to conventional models.

The new RTG features lithium-ion batteries and a smaller engine genset designed with a start/stop feature to primarily operate to recharge the battery bank.

The hybrid power system is fully integrated into the crane with internally developed technologies to drive crane efficiencies and achieve tight interaction with the crane.

Soshi Sato, president and CEO of Paceco, said: “MES-M and PACECO, have heavily invested in lower emission technologies to assist our global customers, and proud to be a leading manufacturer of hybrid cranes.

“NZE technologies will allow our customers to invest now with low emission Transtainers and enable them to easily convert to ZE Transtainers in the future.”

Climate change is compelling ports and terminals to consider methods to reduce emissions from container handling equipment while multiple governments are targeting carbon neutrality by 2050, with port emission reduction a key area in attaining that objective.

In the US, the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach have launched a Clean Air Action Plan (CAAP) with a goal to achieve zero emissions by 2030.

MES-M released the eco-friendly Hybrid Transtainer in 2009 and by 2020 has delivered more than 270 units to customers, helping them to realise fuel savings of 60% over a conventional RTG.

Meanwhile, the NZE Transtainer can achieve an additional 20% savings in fuel consumption compared to a Hybrid Transtainer.

NZE technology is meant to benefit the environment and operational costs by reducing CO2, NOx, and PM particulates, delivering lower fuel consumption, and reducing maintenance cost.

ZE technologies such as hydrogen fuel cell power modules are advancing, although establishment of required infrastructure will take time.

MES-M is “aggressively proceeding” with ZE solutions, and currently developing a hydrogen fuel cell power module for ZE Transtainers.

This will enable the conversion of a NZE Transtainer to a ZE Transtainer by simply replacing the diesel generator with a hydrogen fuel cell power module without modification of other drive systems or mechanical parts.

The plan is to complete in-house testing of the ZE Transtainer by March 2023.