PSA Antwerp trials Terberg hydrogen-powered tractor

PSA Antwerp trials Terberg hydrogen-powered tractor
The hydrogen-powered terminal tractor

PSA Antwerp has begun trialling a Terberg hydrogen-powered terminal tractor and mobile hydrogen filling station at its Europe Terminal.

The tractor has a carrying capacity of up to 36 tonnes and will be deployed to move containers in the terminal over a test period of two weeks.

The test is part of the Hydrolog project, a demonstrator set up by the Flanders Institute for Logistics (VIL) to map out possible types of internal hydrogen transport vehicles for the industry.

PSA Antwerp’s carbon emissions are produced mainly from diesel-operated equipment such as straddle carriers, terminal tractors and other terminal vehicles.

In addition to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), the company’s long-term aim is to significantly decrease Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and Particle Matters (PM) at its terminals.

The experienced gained from this trial will also be put towards other pilots to achieve further terminal decarbonisation.

For example, PSA Antwerp will be setting up a proof of concept with technology partner CMB.TECH to convert diesel engines to dual-fuel (H2-Diesel) on straddle carriers as part of its Green Straddle Carrier programme.

The European Horizon 2020 Green Deal Call awarded the programme a grant on May 4 2021 which will allow PSA Antwerp to realise two more demonstrator projects: exploring the injection of up to 90% of hydrogen into the straddle carrier’s combustion engine; and testing the performance of a straddle carrier equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell.

PSA Antwerp aims to be a global leader in climate action and has put in place a Climate Response management system to align its initiatives with focus on four key areas.

These areas include GHG and air quality, renewable energy, water conservation and waste reduction.

Examples of such include the implementation of 100% renewable energy, reducing CO2 emissions by more than 20%, evolving towards a fleet of hybrid or fully electric cars and forklifts, no single use plastic and collecting rainwater.