DP World reveals new ports and terminals tech solutions at Expo 2020

DP World reveals new ports and terminals tech solutions at Expo 2020
Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem at Expo 2020

DP World’s Cargoes team has revealed its new category, Ports and Terminals solutions, at the Cargoes Digital Trade Flow event in Dubai.

Cargoes Ports and Terminals solutions will focus on four key sub-categories: IOT+, AVA+, GC+, and TOS+ that will house different products.

Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, group chairman and CEO of DP World, said: “Digital technology in our business is crucial. If the cargo does not reach the customer, it’s a problem, and this is why we have invested US$4bn in technology since 2016.

“Cargoes Ports & Terminals solutions are easy to implement because it is cloud-based and scalable. Our goal, to get cargo faster to customers.”

TOS+ supports integrations and is available on 70% of DP World’s ports and other existing port software for advanced process automation.

IOT+’s Digital Twin solution provides terminals with a 3D digital replica of the terminal environment, offering operations staff access to highly accurate real-time simulations of physical objects and their processes.

The improved situational awareness and transparency offered by Cargoes IOT+ Digital Twin can be used for management, real-time monitoring, maintenance, security and safety.

Additionally, it can also offer data-driven performance insights for further efficiency optimisations and greater resource utilisation.

The historical data accumulated from tracking terminal activities leverages real-time data to create smart predictions and actionable improvement recommendations through machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Bin Sulayem said: “DP World was solely seen as a port operator, our role, within the port. But this created a risk for us as accountaibility was a grey area.

“Hence, we decided to redefine our role ‘from the factory floor, to the customer’s door’. We will not necessarily replicate every part of the supply chain, but at least we will be involved, take charge and add value.”

DP World has an interconnected global network of 190 business units in 68 countries across six continents, with significant presence both in high-growth and mature markets.

“Today we are a smart logistics and trade company, ready to provide the most advanced physical and technological solutions,” Bin Sulayem added.

Most information provided by ports is non-digital and interactions have to be performed manually and Digital Twin solutions aims to be one of the core technologies in increasing digitalisation of smart ports worldwide.

AVA+ (Advanced Video Analytics) provides terminals with image recognition solutions to ID container information, damage and more.

GC+ (General Cargo) offers SaaS within a single window solution, while TOS+ is a foundational terminal operating system products suite that provides operations and planning, billing and more.

DP World has been creating new tech solutions that help trade move around the world and its industry-leading technology team has been very active in digitising the global supply chain.

Dr. Mohamed Rahmah, vice presdent at Zodiac, said: “We are one of the key smart solutions technology players in the ports and terminals industry. Today, I can proudly say that we are the most advanced ports and terminals solutions provider.

“We’ve made several comparisons over the years, and there is a major gap between our solutions and others. To be honest, we found that we are more advanced in the way we use and apply future technologies to real-life terminal scenarios.”