Gaussin enters North American market with new dedicated subsidiary

Gaussin enters North American market with new dedicated subsidiary
Gaussin has made many strategic partnerships across North America

Gaussin has created a dedicated subsidiary, Gaussin North America Inc, to lead its commercial deployment across the North American region.

The strategically structured corporate entity will facilitate the commercialisation of Gaussin’s range of Battery Electric (BEV) and Fuel Cell Electric (FCEV) vehicles and is the first step in a large-scale deployment in the Atlantic.

The creation of Gaussin North America, a wholly-owned subsidiary based in New York, will be headed by CEO Christophe Gaussin and follows a series of strategic partnerships and commercial agreements with North American companies.

He said: “Our partnerships with several world leaders have confirmed Gaussin technology’s advancement in the field of clean and autonomous mobility.

“Today, we are ready for commercial deployment of our seaport, airports, logistic and smart cities range of products in the huge North American market, which is gaining strong momentum toward zero-emission and intelligent transportation solutions.”

At the end of November 2020, Magna International granted Gaussin an exclusive worldwide licence for its modular chassis for electric and hydrogen-powered heavy-duty truck applications as part of a 20-year agreement.

Gaussin and Plug Power Inc. also announced a partnership that same month to bring to market a range of Gaussin transport vehicles powered by ProGen in 2021, with the aim to help decarbonise the logistics ecosystem.

A strategic agreement between Gaussin and Robot Research LC was made in mid-December to collaborate on providing autonomous vehicle solutions with Robotic Research’s AD Kit technology for fleet operations.

There are ongoing tests of Gaussin Electric vehicles at major US-based global logistics and e-commerce players, with an acceleration being attributed to the boom in e-commerce and major players’ logistics needs.

Gaussin, who already equips dozens of logistics centres, deemed it important to have a strong and dedicated American presence to govern the deployment to major logistics and e-commerce accounts.

It aims to deploy the complete portfolio of its vehicles in both battery electric and fuel cell electric, manned or fully autonomous, and the future range of heavy-duty road trucks will be marketed with pre-orders officially opened in the first quarter of 2021.