Dutch terminal to use Kuenz new RTG design

Dutch terminal to use Kuenz new RTG design
The Freerider concept for Kloosterboer

Kuenz has announced that Kloosterboer will be the first to operate the manufacturer’s Freerider equipment as part of an order for its container terminal in Vlissingen, the Netherlands.

Kloosterboer will receive four 7+1 wide semi-automated Freeriders which can handle one over five as well as three remote desks supplied by Kuenz.

Transport, installation and testing of the first crane will begin in September 2019, along with tasks for remote operation, followed by the delivery of the last three cranes in November 2019 and January 2020.

During the day, the truck unloading and loading will be operated in semi-automated mode while at night it will run in fully automated operation.

Kloosterboer specialises in logistics services for temperature controlled food products in Western Europe and  its Vlissingen container facility, which is where the equipment will be utilised, has a storage capacity of 5,600 teu including 1,000 reefer plugs.

Announced in 2018, the Freerider has been described by the manufacturer as the “missing link” between a Rubber-Tyred Gantry (RTG) and an Automated Stacking Crane (ASC) with its aerodynamic patented design.

The Freerider aims to increase productivity, safety and to reduce operational costs due to all of its update of popular concepts using new solutions.

Each crane features a stiff and robust single girder with A-shaped posts, four traveling gears each consisting of four rubber tyres and are equipped with a steering gear that allows it to travel in different directions.

These elements, when combined with the Spider hoist system, allows for a higher travel speed even with a fully loaded container of up to 130 m/min.

The Spider hoist system utilises eight rope drums and eight individually controlled motors which can move the head block and the load in all six degrees of freedom simultaneously.

It has an integrated micro-motion which allows +/- 5 degrees of movements and horizontal shift of 300 mm in all directions.