ONE APUS cargo losses expected to reach US$200m

ONE APUS cargo losses expected to reach US$200m
The ONE APUS, Credit: @meimaiko/Twitter

The total cargo loss from the ONE APUS, which lost approximately 1,816 containers in severe weather, is anticipated to reach US$200m or more according to marine claims consultancy WK Webster.

The 14,000 teu vessel was en route to Long Beach from Yantian, China, when it suffered a huge container stack collapse near Hawaii on November 30.

A storm cell producing gale-force winds and large swells caused the ONE APUS to roll heavily, which resulted in over a thousand containers dislodging and fall in the ocean – including 64 Dangerous Goods (DG) containers.

As well as the containers lost overboard, WK Wesbter reported that there appear to be thousands more collapsed throughout the deck which will result in substantial losses.

“General Average has still not been declared although we continue to believe that is a likely eventuality,” WK Webster stated.

If General Average is declared, GA securities will be required from all surviving cargo interests onboard.

Ocean Network Express (ONE) has reported that the vessel is safely berthed at the Port of Kobe, Japan.

The Japanese Coast Guard has granted permission for the safe removal of the remaining containers on deck.

ONE stated: “The careful removal of the dislodged units under a schedule formulated by stowage planners is expected to take over a month with safety the number one priority.

“Once unloaded, each will be assessed, and when the discharge of cargo is complete, there will be a full assessment of damage to the vessel and subsequent repairs.”

A thorough investigation is being conducted into this incident in conjunction with the Flag State and the relevant maritime authorities.