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On January 1, 2007 Railion Nederland will begin the implementation of the second phase of Applause, the new ICT system that will replace its existing BRAVO system. Initially Applause will be used for the booking of train wagons, but during the course of the year it will also replace the system used by the company’s financial department. Once that is completed, Railion Nederland will have a single automated system that supports its entire operational process.

Railion implements BRAVO phase two

There are two important reasons for the implementation of the new system, according to the company. First, the current BRAVO system, which dates from 1993, is reaching the end of its service life. Second, Applause is designed to support all the various contract forms within the framework of the new COTIF (Convention Concerning International Carriage by Rail).

This makes it ready for new market developments in the deregulated international rail freight market. The first phase of Applause started on July 1, 2006, coinciding with the introduction of the new COTIF.

Implementation of the second phase will take place during a relatively quiet period, with a limited number of trains. As a result, customers are expected to suffer only minimal disruption while the new system is bedding in.

Railion Nederland is a part of DB Logistics, the transportation and logistics division of Deutsche Bahn AG.